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A music video for the song “Able to live”.


A sharp crying pierces the air
It happens a momentous affair
Another infant takes a dare
Fight or die
Whom did your parents give birth?
What is your happiness worth?
Are you a product of love or nonsense?

Million ways
In front of you
It’s hard to find
Your place in life
We want to be
We want to be
Able to live
Just to be
Able to live

It’s so easy to break a clean mind
To turn a sighted into the blind
Don’t turn a river into lake
But put on the right track
It’s a good and feasible plan
To become a respectable man
Not respected by society
But by yourself

Wandering in the dark
Eyes are used
Resting against the wall
I’m confused

Trying to get out of a pit
Bit by bit
Casting off the chains from me
I am free

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